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Charka was fully aware of the impact of the environment on the health so he has described the manner to maintain external environment.Ayurveda the science of life is one of the branches of Vedas. It is regarded as Up Veda (from Veda) of Rig-Veda. All the information given within Vedas are systematic and organized., it is a stream of the knowledge turned as ocean gradually from generation to generation not aimed to conquer nature but to co relate nature. It is taken as eternal because nobody knows when it was not there.

The origin of ayurveda is described as Lord Brahma recalled ayurveda and one can recall things, he already known. so, the origin of ayurveda is very old & unknown as such.

Of all the treaties available for ayurveda, Charaka Samhita is the best even today. It encompasses the details about the precious principles (elements) about Ayurvedic therapeutics .Chikitsa-Vidnyan and is the only work, which covers Ayurveda comprehensively. Charaksamhita also has the aggregation of Sankya,Yoga, Nyay, Vaisheshik, Vedanta and Mimansa given in the form of verses.

The samhita focuses on healing the body, mind and soul of a patient.. Laying great emphasis on the diagnostic part of the treatment, Charaka identified eight stages of a disease from its inception to the culmination..

We are delighted to announce that Chakrapani Center has been awarded the following ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications. ISO 9001:2008 is for our quality management system and ISO 22000:2005 for following highest level of food safety standards in our manufacturing facility.

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